Color Control Cushion Compact – Amore Pacific: Product Review

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This is a long overdue post but I really want to share with you all my thoughts on this cushion compact. I’ve heard quite a bit about this South Korean brand and thought I’d give it a try as well because c’mon who doesn’t want that silky soft and blemish free skin that Korean’s are known for! If you haven’t heard about cushion compacts, they’re basically a BB cream in a compact form and the best part is its 2-in-1: skincare + makeup! And it contains spf50 which is another added benefit.

Packaging: Nothing too different here then other brands. The product comes in a box with the refill packed separately so you can open it when you need it. The cushion compact is separated with a divider which is so nice because the puff doesn’t sit on the product soaking it in. You lift the divider each time you use the product then put it back down and put the puff on top and close the lid to the compact. Great size to keep in your bag for touch ups!

Texture: Lightweight liquidly foundation in a sponge.

Price: I thought it was a bit on the pricier end at $60 but considering you get an extra puff and a refill, technically it’s two products in one price which is fair.

Review: There are 5 shades to this product. I am 104 although I think I would have actually been somewhere between 104 and 106. To apply, you lightly pat the puff into the sponge and apply it to the face gently. You have to be careful not to use too much or dip the puff into the sponge too much because there will be lots of product on the puff which will make applying it to the face difficult and cakey. I didn’t actually use this product too much because I found it didn’t do much for me. It was more of a touch up foundation then something I could put on in the morning and would last all day. Almost didn’t notice much of a difference with or without it. I also used this on top of a mattifying primer and at the end of the day my face was oily even though I used very little of this product. This is not a product I would repurchase again.

I haven’t tried many products from this line, only this foundation and their Vintage Single Extract Essence (which btw I absolutely love! It’s very lightweight and absorbs quickly) however, I didn’t find this foundation did much for me and it didn’t absorb into my skin too well either. I would say this is a good foundation if you’re looking for the makeup no makeup look but if you have oily skin or you’re looking for quite a bit of coverage I wouldn’t recommend it.

Have you tried this cushion compact? Did you like it? Comment below!

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