Kiehl’s Papaya and Saje’s Skin So Clean Exfoliants: A Review

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a great week :).

Today I’m going to review a couple of facial exfoliants I’m currently really liking: Kiehl’s Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub and Saje’s Skin So Clean.

I’ve used only a handful of Kiehl’s products but they’ve all been pretty good so far however,
the papaya scrub I was a little disappointed with, keep reading to find out why…

The scrubs texture is rich and creamy. It contains very tiny exfoliating beads but this product definitely felt more like a cleanser than an exfoliant. I liked how soft and gentle it was on my skin but I didn’t feel like it had any exfoliating properties unlike other similar products I’ve used in the past.

It has a very light scent, nothing to do with pineapples and papaya. Instead, it’s this weird scent which I didn’t like at all. But, it’s nice that it’s a mild smell and nothing too strong – almost fragrance free.

Considering this product is $41.00, I think it’s expensive for the type of product it is. If I’m going to buy an exfoliant I expect my skin to be at least smooth and remove dead skin cells after washing it away. This product didn’t do either of those for me.

Re-purchase product? Nope.

Saje’s Skin So Clean exfoliant:

I love Saje. I’ve used quite a few of their products and I’ve never had a problem with any of them. They do the job they’re supposed to and they smell great! However, they can also be a bit pricey so I like to wait when they have their annual 20% off sale and stock up :).

This is one of my favourite exfoliants. The beads aren’t too big or too small. They’re very gentle on the skin and you only need to take very little of the product to see the results. It is also a creamy exfoliant and I like to actually massage it on my face for 10 seconds and leave it for a minute or two and then wash it off with lukewarm water – the results? A smooth clean dead skin-cell free face!

Re-purchase product? Yes.

Which exfoliant are you currently using? Comment below!

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