Tea Tree Products Review: Body Shop + Rocky Mountain Soap Co


Hey everyone! Hope your week is off to an awesome start đŸ™‚

I use quite a few tea tree products because of my skin type (oily/combination) and today I wanted to share with you guys some of the products I’ve been using.

I’ll start from left to right and of course feel free to comment below with any questions.

  • Body Shop: Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser – I like this product for its cleansing capabilities however, it left my skin super dry afterwards and I literally have to use a face cream right away otherwise my face is soooo itchy! It also has a pretty strong smell (I found this entire line from the Body Shop to be quite strong in terms of scent) but I’m not a fussy person when it comes to scent so if you are, I wouldn’t really recommend this.
  • Body Shop: Tea Tree Face Mask – I wasn’t a fan of this product at all. I found it to be very strong and I experienced a burning sensation every time I used it. I also didn’t find it clearing out my blemishes much either.
  • Rocky Mountain Soap Co: Purifying Toner – I absolutely love this toner! Better yet, I love this company. All their products are free of toxins and are not strong at all (and it’s Canadian, woohoo!!). Comparing all the other tea tree products I’ve used this product was gentle on my skin and didn’t burn my cheeks! I love it!! If you’re looking for a toner and have an oily skin type, I would highly highly recommend this toner.
  • Body Shop: Tea Tree Oil – One of my favourite products from the Body shop, it’s a miracle oil for blemishes! I use it about twice a week if necessary, and apply it to any blemishes right after cleansing.
  • Body Shop: Flawless BB Cream – one of my everyday essentials, I wear this cream to work everyday and it works wonders as it hides all my blemishes + provides a tint to my skin + lasts 8 hours without any oily residue.

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