DavidsTea Review – Part 2

Christmas may be over 2 months ago, but I still have a few of these teas I’m going through. Here’s Part 2 and the last of my DavidsTea Review for now! Which one’s your favourite? Comment below!

  1. Tea: Organic Sweet Almond Green
Type of Tea: Green tea


Ingredients: Green tea, almonds, marigold flowers, cornflower petal, natural almond flavouring


Smells like: A garden!


Review: I didn’t like the taste of this tea. I was expecting it to taste much better because the smell is pretty amazing but I didn’t like the mix of marigold flowers with tea. I don’t know but something about edible flowers does not appeal to me at all. This tea was a no go for me.


Tea stars: 1/5


  1. Tea: Santa’s Secret
Type of Tea: Black tea


Ingredients: Black tea, peppermint, sprinkles, natural and artificial vanilla flavouring


Smells like: A chocolate cake


Review: This is an amazing tasting tea! I love the peppermint bits mixed with the black tea. It has a mild chocolate flavour and is not sweet at all.

Tea stars: 4/5

  1. Tea: Sleigh Ride


Type of Tea: Herbal tea


Ingredients: Apple, hibiscus blossoms, pineapple, papaya, beetroot, cinnamon, raisins, coconut, roasted almonds, popped rice, natural and artificial flavouring.


Smells like: A tropical paradise


Review: This tea tastes like a tropical drink! I like the mix of apple, papaya and pineapple. If steeped for too long it also has a very sweet and bitter flavour so its best to steep for a shorter amount of time.


Tea stars: 3/5


  1. Tea: Snow Day


Type of Tea: Herbal tea


Ingredients: Peppermint leaves, cocoa beans, cocoa husk, chocolate drops, white chocolate pieces, sugar sprinkles, cream flavouring, peppermint oil, natural chocolate and peppermint flavouring


Smells like: A candycane


Review: This is very refreshing tea and is perfect to have after dinner. I like the peppermint taste mixed with a light chocolate aftertaste. The peppermint flakes are also super cute! I wanted to pick them all out and eat them.


Tea stars: 3/5

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