Rata & Co Night Cream

I was going through the skincare section at Winners the other day and came across this brand, Rata & Co. I thought I’d give it a try as I was looking for a night cream for this Winter weather since it’s been snowing here in Vancouver for the past of couple days and it’s making my skin super dry. Although I’m not complaining with this weather – I could sit on my couch all day and watch the snow fall – so beautiful!

What really caught my attention about this cream is the packaging (yes, I’m a sucker for packaging…) and the fact that it contains 3 oils: Chia Seed, Avocado and Coconut – talk about hyyyyydration! Also, I haven’t seen many products which contain Chia Seed oil so I thought this was unique let alone a mix of all three.

I gave this cream a try for a few weeks and was impressed with it. It is a little too intense for my skintype though as my face kind of felt a bit more oily than normal in the mornings but other than that it left my skin soooo smooth! I only use a small amount on my face because it’s a thick texture and is very heavy. It has a very subtle scent which is perfect for night time as it’s not too strong. Overall, I’m happy with it, worked for my dry skin during Winter 🙂

There you have it – quick review of Rata & Co Night Cream!

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