Tumeric Tea and Masala Chai Teabag – Review


I finalllly found my FAVOURITE Tumeric teabag. Hoo-rayyyy!
This teabag is amazing but of course it doesn’t come as close to the real deal of lemon, tumeric and ginger mixed in hot water, but does the job for when you’re out and about and in need of a little detox.

I was at London Drugs the other day and was looking for a new tea to try and came across this one. I’m sure they’ve been selling this brand there for awhile but I just happened to see it recently and I’m hooked so thought I would share with all you wonderful people!

I bought both Rishi’s Tumeric Tea and the Masala Chai to try. I enjoyed the Tumeric one very much however, the Masala Chai didn’t please my tastebuds as much as I had hoped. The Tumeric one tastes almost similar to the real deal – there’s a mild tumeric/ginger flavour along with a hint of lemon aftertaste. It also has a natural sweet flavour. The teabag only needs to be steeped for approximately 5 minutes and the flavour will start to come through. The good thing is it doesn’t stain teeth – how awesome is that! It’s definitely a unique blend of flavours mixing organic ingredients that are good for the health.RishisTumericTeaAs for the Masala Chai I wasn’t too fond of this one as the flavour of the tea was too strong and I couldn’t taste any of the spices. I drink chai every morning for breakfast (normal routine for most Indians) and thought I could substitute the traditional way of boiling the water and adding loose leaf tea with a teabag to save time in the morning before work, but it seems I’m just going to have to stick to my normal routine. There really is nothing like Indian chai fresh off the stove!
This Masala Chai teabag didn’t have the rich flavour that I was expecting and turned out be super bland. The packaging suggests the tea can be prepared with milk and sugar like the traditional way or it can be brewed straight. I tried it with milk and sugar which helped to subside the strong black tea flavour but I still didn’t taste any of the spices which was disappointing as the spices are key ingredients which add a lot of flavour to chai.


All in all, I was just happy I found a teabag that I can take with me wherever I go and did I mention amazing packaging! The bright colours really caught my eye in store. I’m looking forward to trying other flavours from Rishi.

Comment below if you have tried this tea brand and your thoughts/opinions about the flavours.



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