Color Control Cushion Compact – Amore Pacific: Product Review

Hi everyone!

Hope everyones new year has been off to a good start!

This is a long overdue post but I really want to share with you all my thoughts on this cushion compact. I’ve heard quite a bit about this South Korean brand and thought I’d give it a try as well because c’mon who doesn’t want that silky soft and blemish free skin that Korean’s are known for! If you haven’t heard about cushion compacts, they’re basically a BB cream in a compact form and the best part is its 2-in-1: skincare + makeup! And it contains spf50 which is another added benefit.

Packaging: Nothing too different here then other brands. The product comes in a box with the refill packed separately so you can open it when you need it. The cushion compact is separated with a divider which is so nice because the puff doesn’t sit on the product soaking it in. You lift the divider each time you use the product then put it back down and put the puff on top and close the lid to the compact. Great size to keep in your bag for touch ups!

Texture: Lightweight liquidly foundation in a sponge.

Price: I thought it was a bit on the pricier end at $60 but considering you get an extra puff and a refill, technically it’s two products in one price which is fair.

Review: There are 5 shades to this product. I am 104 although I think I would have actually been somewhere between 104 and 106. To apply, you lightly pat the puff into the sponge and apply it to the face gently. You have to be careful not to use too much or dip the puff into the sponge too much because there will be lots of product on the puff which will make applying it to the face difficult and cakey. I didn’t actually use this product too much because I found it didn’t do much for me. It was more of a touch up foundation then something I could put on in the morning and would last all day. Almost didn’t notice much of a difference with or without it. I also used this on top of a mattifying primer and at the end of the day my face was oily even though I used very little of this product. This is not a product I would repurchase again.

I haven’t tried many products from this line, only this foundation and their Vintage Single Extract Essence (which btw I absolutely love! It’s very lightweight and absorbs quickly) however, I didn’t find this foundation did much for me and it didn’t absorb into my skin too well either. I would say this is a good foundation if you’re looking for the makeup no makeup look but if you have oily skin or you’re looking for quite a bit of coverage I wouldn’t recommend it.

Have you tried this cushion compact? Did you like it? Comment below!

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Sahajan Face Cream – Product Review

Hi everyone!

Hope your week is going well!

Today, I want to share with you guys an amazing face cream I discovered and couldn’t wait to tell you all about it!

It’s called Sahajan and it contains all natural ingredients. I’ve tried soooo many face products as I’m sure you can tell (I never used to be into the whole skincare/makeup thing but recently as I read more and more about new products on the market and their benefits, I’m tempted to try it all…). This particular one caught my eye because of the unique name.

The cream is based on the science of Ayurveda an ancient tradition stemming from India. It doesn’t look too appealing – who wants to put a light brown cream on their face…but if you can get past the looks, I’m telling you the benefits are amazing! It started when the founder of the company started thinking about the chemicals that are present in skincare products when her daughter lathered a cream all over her face.

Reading her story I quickly knew this face cream was going to be all natural with great benefits for my skin. The cream contains Triphala, Gotu Kola (which reduces wrinkles and firms the skin, we all need that!) and coconut oil (lately this oil has been all over the media for its benefits).

So, why do I like this cream?
I’ve been using it for about 5 weeks now – morning and night, and I like how I only need a small amount for my whole face. It’s lightweight, doesn’t have a strong smell and hydrates my skin all day. I also wear it underneath my makeup and I noticed how easily my makeup glides on.
I’ve also noticed my complexion is brighter and my face is smooth. I like the packaging as well – very minimalistic and comes in a glass container.
I’ll definitely be re-purchasing this cream.

Comment below if you’ve tried and liked an all natural face cream!

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Kiehl’s Papaya and Saje’s Skin So Clean Exfoliants: A Review

Hi everyone! I hope you all are having a great week :).

Today I’m going to review a couple of facial exfoliants I’m currently really liking: Kiehl’s Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub and Saje’s Skin So Clean.

I’ve used only a handful of Kiehl’s products but they’ve all been pretty good so far however,
the papaya scrub I was a little disappointed with, keep reading to find out why…

The scrubs texture is rich and creamy. It contains very tiny exfoliating beads but this product definitely felt more like a cleanser than an exfoliant. I liked how soft and gentle it was on my skin but I didn’t feel like it had any exfoliating properties unlike other similar products I’ve used in the past.

It has a very light scent, nothing to do with pineapples and papaya. Instead, it’s this weird scent which I didn’t like at all. But, it’s nice that it’s a mild smell and nothing too strong – almost fragrance free.

Considering this product is $41.00, I think it’s expensive for the type of product it is. If I’m going to buy an exfoliant I expect my skin to be at least smooth and remove dead skin cells after washing it away. This product didn’t do either of those for me.

Re-purchase product? Nope.

Saje’s Skin So Clean exfoliant:

I love Saje. I’ve used quite a few of their products and I’ve never had a problem with any of them. They do the job they’re supposed to and they smell great! However, they can also be a bit pricey so I like to wait when they have their annual 20% off sale and stock up :).

This is one of my favourite exfoliants. The beads aren’t too big or too small. They’re very gentle on the skin and you only need to take very little of the product to see the results. It is also a creamy exfoliant and I like to actually massage it on my face for 10 seconds and leave it for a minute or two and then wash it off with lukewarm water – the results? A smooth clean dead skin-cell free face!

Re-purchase product? Yes.

Which exfoliant are you currently using? Comment below!

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Quick + Healthy Snack: Kale Chips

Today I’m going to share with you guys a quick, easy and HIGHLY addicting snack!

It’s really the best way to incorporate kale into your diet and they’re so delicious you’ll want to eat more and more – trust me!

I like to make them fresh and eat them right away because the longer they sit the crunchiness goes away and then they don’t taste the best…And of course, the seasoning below is what I like on my chips – feel free to experiment and add your own if you like.

TIP: The longer you massage the kale and seasoning mix together the better as this will reduce the chips bitterness. The kale should turn a bright green colour before they’re ready to be put in the oven for baking (similar to the picture above).


2 kale bunches

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 teaspoon onion powder

1 teaspoon black pepper

1/2 teaspoon red chili powder or chili flakes


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Carefully remove the leaves from the kale stems, wash and dry them. Set aside.

3. In a mixing bowl, whisk together olive oil, garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper and red chili powder or chili flakes.

4. Add kale to the wet ingredients and using your hands mix to ensure each leaf is properly coated with the dressing for 2-3 minutes.

5. Lay each leaf out on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

6. Bake until the edges are brown, about 10-12 minutes.

What seasoning do you like on your kale chips? Comment below!

Emani Perfect 10 Primer Serum – Product Review

Time is just flying by… crazy to think this year is going to be over in 2 months!

The weather has started to feel much cooler in Vancouver and today I wanted to share an amazing product I discovered while browsing London Drugs during my lunch break at work a few weeks ago and I’ve been using it religiously since!

If you don’t use a serum or don’t know what a serum is, I would first like to tell you that you’re missing a crucial step in your skincare routine (besides a toner, of course). It’s okay if you question the purpose of a serum, I did as well. Depending on the brand some are runny, some leave your skin oily, some moisturize your skin so much so that it feels like you don’t need to apply another cream on top (just like a moisturizing cream) and some just feel like they’re not even doing any good bit for your face. Yup, I’ve used my fair share of serums…

But, let me tell me you – the oily serum is actually helping you look less oily (weird right!) and it is helping the skin with less breakouts, but the best part is that the serum is delivering amazing properties directly to your skin because they contain a very high concentration of active ingredients.

A serum should be applied right after cleansing and toning but before a moisturizer and I would say using it once a day in the morning is sufficient.

Emani is a vegan brand and I’ve only tried this one particular product from this brand but I’m in love!
Why, you might ask? It’s because this serum is NOT just a serum! It’s a primer, it’s a moisturizer and it’s so versatile in that you can wear it everyday under makeup, over makeup or with no make up! And, it’s all with great ingredients :). I wear it everyday, during the week under makeup and on weekends without makeup (I like to let my skin breathe for 2 days, haha).

Why I love this serum so much?
This serum minimizes my pores and leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturized. It lasts all day and my skin doesn’t feel oily even after applying a moisturizer and makeup.
Foundation and powders apply effortlessly and the serum helps with toning and hiding all blemishes. It also creates a great base for the rest of the skincare products.

Do you use a serum? If so, which is your favourite one?

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Sukin Skincare – Products Review

Fall is here and that means it’s time to switch up my skincare routine.

I just finished using some of these products and am I ever in love with them! I still have the face creams as you only need a super super small amount for the entire face so this could last me another 2-3 months which is perfect because the creams are heavy and hydrating, great for the Fall/Winter season.

I’m so glad I discovered Sukin Skincare – if you haven’t heard of them, they’re an amazing company based out of Australia with all natural and carbon neutral products :). I’ve mixed and matched the products from all their skincare lines to create a routine for myself – because who said you have to stick to one thing!

So lets get to the review!

Clarifying Facial Tonic:

This is a great toner for oily skin. I used a few drops on a cotton pad and wiped it all over my face. I like how it quickly dries so I can carry on with my routine and it doesn’t feel oily, it left my face mattified.
I just didn’t like the smell too much…

Facial Oil:

The name of this oil has now changed but the formula is still the same – if I remember correct it’s an Argan oil which is great for the skin. I noticed after using this lightweight oil my skin was much more brighter and softer. I really liked how this oil penetrates into the skin very quickly so the face does not look oily even with a moisturizer on.
Best thing is the smoothing action of Calendula – my face never experienced any redness every time I used this oil. It’s a huge must to add this into your skincare routine if you are looking for an oil, you won’t regret it!

Moisture Restoring Night Cream

If you’re looking for lots of hydration – this is the cream! I apply a small amount of this cream right after the facial oil and lightly pat it into my skin every night and my skin is very hydrated and not dry at all the next morning. It also has a soft scent to it.

Tip: Add 1 drop of Facial oil to the face cream, mix and apply to face.

Rosehip Hydrating Day Cream

This cream I found to be a little too heavy on my skin for daytime but during the winter months it’s great because it keeps my skin moisturized. I couldn’t use this during the summer because my skin looked way too oily and I felt like I could feel the cream on my face. Also doesn’t have a strong scent to it which is nice.

Super Greens Detox Facial Scrub

I like the combination of this exfoliant with kale and spirulina. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and not rough at all. I also like how the exfoliant doesn’t have big beads or anything. The texture is very fine which is perfect to lightly rub the product into the skin. I use this scrub every other day in the morning just before my cleanser.

Purifying Body Scrub

I love how soft and smooth this scrub left my skin feeling! The beads again are not too big at all which is great because its not too rough on the body and also doesn’t clog the drain (the environment will thank us!). I follow this scrub with the Lime and Coconut Hydrating Body Lotion – hello extra moist skin!!

Antioxidant Eye Serum

I found this serum to be a bit too watery. I apply it under the eye with my third finger by gently patting the product into my skin everyday, morning and night. It definitely helps keep the area under my eye hydrated and moisturized all day but I just wish it had a little more texture so it didn’t feel like I was putting water under my eyes…

That’s it for today – thanks for reading!

Comment below if you’ve tried Sukin products and which ones are your favs!

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Product Review: Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

Happy first day of Summer!

To kick off the new season, I changed up my skincare routine and finished these products so am going to review them today on the blog.


Brightening Face Polish

  • Initially I thought this was too rough for my face when I used it with just water but mixing it with a foam or gel cleanser did the trick! It’s a double cleanser + exfoliant and an ultimate time saver when you’re in a rush. I used this polish twice a week and it truly is a brightener leaving the skin super duper soft.

Purifying Toner

  • I have used all 3 toners from this company and I’m in love with them all! They’re all very lightweight, penetrate into the skin easily and have an amazing light scent leaving the skin feel fresh and ready for the next step. I like this toner because of it doesn’t leave any residue on the skin and it feels so refreshing!

Day Cream – Pomegranate

  • I wasn’t too impressed with this particular cream. It was a little heavy and left an oily residue on my skin even though it is for oily skin types. I also did not notice any visible differences on my skin other than leaving it hydrated all day.

Blossom Berry Bar Soap

  • I got this one as a sample and it was pretty good – just a regular bar soap with a flowery scent.

Have you tried any products from this brand? Which ones do you like?

Tea Tree Products Review: Body Shop + Rocky Mountain Soap Co


Hey everyone! Hope your week is off to an awesome start 🙂

I use quite a few tea tree products because of my skin type (oily/combination) and today I wanted to share with you guys some of the products I’ve been using.

I’ll start from left to right and of course feel free to comment below with any questions.

  • Body Shop: Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser – I like this product for its cleansing capabilities however, it left my skin super dry afterwards and I literally have to use a face cream right away otherwise my face is soooo itchy! It also has a pretty strong smell (I found this entire line from the Body Shop to be quite strong in terms of scent) but I’m not a fussy person when it comes to scent so if you are, I wouldn’t really recommend this.
  • Body Shop: Tea Tree Face Mask – I wasn’t a fan of this product at all. I found it to be very strong and I experienced a burning sensation every time I used it. I also didn’t find it clearing out my blemishes much either.
  • Rocky Mountain Soap Co: Purifying Toner – I absolutely love this toner! Better yet, I love this company. All their products are free of toxins and are not strong at all (and it’s Canadian, woohoo!!). Comparing all the other tea tree products I’ve used this product was gentle on my skin and didn’t burn my cheeks! I love it!! If you’re looking for a toner and have an oily skin type, I would highly highly recommend this toner.
  • Body Shop: Tea Tree Oil – One of my favourite products from the Body shop, it’s a miracle oil for blemishes! I use it about twice a week if necessary, and apply it to any blemishes right after cleansing.
  • Body Shop: Flawless BB Cream – one of my everyday essentials, I wear this cream to work everyday and it works wonders as it hides all my blemishes + provides a tint to my skin + lasts 8 hours without any oily residue.

Until next time…

Product Review: Origins – Active Charcoal Exfoliating Cleansing Powder

Lately, I’ve been all over this charcoal craze that’s taken over the skincare world because of the benefits of active charcoal on the skin (and no, I will never ever brush with charcoal no matter the benefits of that).

I had actually purchased this product when it first came out at Sephora a few months ago at one of the malls and I remember the cashier looked at me like I was crazy! She wasn’t even aware of the product in the store and the thought of charcoal on the face made her eery – I still vividly remember her facial reaction while she was processing my transaction. But I’m a happy customer and I definitely will be purchasing this product again in the near future – continue reading to find out why!

The product is a super smooth powder which I like to mix about a dime sized amount with my gel cleanser from Yours Truly Organics. You can mix it with any type of cleanser (preferably gel or foam) or even just water. I use it about once or twice a week in the shower and it is an amazing exfoliant!
I love it because it’s perfect for my oily skin. It doesn’t strip the skin dry but rather clears the pores while removing all the dirt – and you can actually feel the skin super smooth and clean after each use!

The instructions say to use it once a day but I think that’s a bit too harsh – it is activated charcoal after all and using it everyday I think would strip the skin of necessary oil. The great thing about this product is you can also use it as a mask so it has dual purpose! If I use it as a mask then I mix the powder with water and make a thicker consistency, leave it on for 5-10 minutes then wipe off with a damp washcloth.

I highly recommend this product if you’re looking for an exfoliator or a mask, especially if you have oily/combination skin – it is ah-mazing!! Worth every single penny 🙂

Until next time…

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Facial Oil Review

I only recently started to incorporate facial oils into my skin care routine because I’ve always found that oils tend to make my skin more oily (makes sense right!?). However, after reading a lot of articles and blogs and doing some more research as to why oils are actually good for the face – I figured I should give it a try…

Basically, in a nutshell – using oils prevent dehydrated skin, reduce large pores, stop the skin from producing excess oils and depending on the type of oil it is also the perfect primer for skin prior to applying makeup. It’s a win-win-win all around!!

There are some oils that I do find a little bit too oily for my face. I think the best one yet is Provence Beauty because it’s a relatively lightweight oil, has a nice fresh scent and I can wear it all day without a day time moisturizer and my skin is still soft and moisturized. It’s also perfect to wear under makeup.

Here is a review of some of the oils I’ve tried so far:

Provence Beauty: Rebalance Facial Oil

This is a lightweight oil which absorbs into my skin fairly quickly and doesn’t leave an oily residue. I like using this oil when I apply makeup because of the light texture and I find my makeup applies smoothly. It has a light scent – the mix of Argan and Jojoba oils is hydrating as well.

Drunk Elephant: Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

This brand has been everywhere on my Instagram feed and I was excited to try the oil and the serum when I saw it at Sephora. The oil has no scent and has a light texture as well. I use this once every night and love how hydrated and revitalized my skin is in the morning! I know the full size is quite expensive but I highly recommend this oil especially, if you have oily skin as I found it kind of mattified my face in the morning.

Sukin: Facial Treatment Oil

This one is an Argan oil facial oil. It also doesn’t have a scent but is a little thicker consistency than the Provence Beauty and Drunk Elephant ones. I didn’t notice anything too drastic or different about this one on my face.

Body Shop: Oils of Life

I reviewed this one previously (here). It’s the heaviest consistency out of all of the oils I’ve used so far. I love how my skin feels after applying this one – suuuuper soft and smooth! It can get oily at times but I use max 2 drops for my whole face. I definitely cannot use this one under any makeup as it’s just way to heavy so I tend to use this generally with my night time routine.

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